T-Clean Gel (S-1)

T-Clean Gel is specially intended for brush pickling of weld seams and smaller surfaces. They offer a perfect paste consistency that gives good adhesion to difficult surfaces and reduces the risk of splashing.

T-Clean Spray (S-2)

T-Clean Spray can be used and it is suitable for pickling larger surfaces. They have a thixotropic consistency, which makes it stick to the surface and hence facilitates the application even in difficult positions.

T-Clean Passivation (S-3)

T-Clean Passivating agents improve the pickling result and diminish the risk of discoloured surfaces, after pickling. The passivation layer on metal surfaces is restored at the same time.

T-Clean Oil Cleaner (S-4))

T-Clean Oil Cleaner for removing oil, grease, buffing compounds etc. from any metal surface.

T-Clean Deep (S-5)

T-Clean Deep is in the form of a water thin liquid. It is used for immersion application for non-reachable areas & small components. Cleaning can be done by Deeping the article into Chemical.

T-Clean Cold (S-6)

T-Clean Cold for pickling and passivation both can be done with one chemical.

T-Clean Eco Gel

T-Clean Eco Gel is Specially Stainless Steel Eco friendly weld Joint Clean (Bio grade).

T-Clean Eco Spray

T-Clean Eco Spray Which is non acidic Pickling Chemical use to Stainless Steel larger surfaces.(Bio grade)

T-Clean E.P.Chemical

Stainless Steel Metal Reverse Current Electro Polishing Chemicals for Cleaning.

T-Clean E.P.Brightener

Stainless Steel Metal Reverse Current Electro Polishing Chemicals for Extra Brightness.

T-Clean Top Coat

Metal Top Coat Lacquer is water based soluble for epoxy base.

T-Clean Heat Protector

Metal Heat treatment protector Lacquer.

T-Clean Anti Spatter

Anti Spatter Liquid (Prevent weld spatter).

T-Clean Oil Cutter

T-Clean Oil Cutter is Non Ferrous metal cleaner, oily surface Cleaning is very Smooth (Bottom base)

T-Clean TM Spray

T-Clean TM Spray Stainless Steel Cleaner and polish removes carbon and finger impression after buffing.